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Powerful alliance of Raphy Pina & Don Omar

June 11, 2013

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The successful urban music manager Rafael Pina Nieves recently acquired the exclusive administration of William Landrón (Don Omar) career. Pina who will represent the artist management company "Arrow Management" immediately began to work for the continuation of a successfull career full of achievements and triumphs for the singer of "Danza Kuduro".

"The satisfaction of seeing how the public supports my goals and projects that represent so much work is incalculable. Now start new challenges with an artist that unfolds in several facets. It the beginning of another historic step for the life of Raphy Pina of the hand of a good friend so I'm sure we'll share great achievements.

Great challenges and hard work but very convinced we'll reach the excpected results for both our careers. With pride and honor I am pleased to announce to all the promoters and producers around the world that I am available to provide high quality service and commitment." Expressed Rafael Pina.

Pina, recently produced in Puerto Rico the first two venues sold for the international tour of Don Omar, Hecho En Puerto Rico, and now prepared for the continuation of the spectacular concerts which start from August 2013.