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Baby Rasta

Nombre(s) : Wilmer Alicea
Nacimiento : 11 de octubre de 1976
Lugar : Puerto Rico
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Wilmer Alicea was born on October 11, 1976 and Samuel Gerena was born July 3, 1978 in Hato Rey Puerto Rico. At the age of 12 and 10 they started their career in 1988, and along with DJ Playero and Vico C, were one of the first reggaeton artists. Even so, they failed to get much recognition. By the age of 16 and 14 (1992) reggaeton was extremely popular among the underground scene. Due to its obscene and vulgar lyrics, the Puerto Rican government tried to eliminate it completely. Baby Rasta & Gringo, along with Tempo, responded by producing songs aimed at the government. Baby Rasta & Gringo ever since the late 90's have been climbing up to fame ever since.

In 1998 they released their first album, titled New Prophecy. With the arrival of Héctor y Tito, who were quickly becoming reggaeton's greatest talent, were one of among others their biggest competition.

After only appearing on several compilation albums, they released their second album, Fire Live in 2003. It sold better than their previous album. Baby Rasta & Gringo were quickly garnering enemies, due to the term tirarea, where artist attack/Diss other artist in lyrics. The famous tireara was with the duo Lito & Polaco and Pina Records. Even after all this, they were the most popular underground duo, with sold-out concerts in dance halls and such. They were also getting individual attention, with Baby Rasta being noted for his skills at writing romantic lyrics and Gringo for his rapping abilities.

With reggaeton finally getting worldwide recognition, and other duo's (H&T, Karel y Voltio, among others) on the verge of separating, they decided to try once more, and released Sentenciados in 2004. This was the break they had been awaiting for so long. Sentenciados was, and still is, regarded as one of the greatest reggaeton albums of all time. Featuring many hits, it included El Carnaval, the duo's biggest hit, and one of the most popular dancehall songs in Puerto Rico. They also made big hits with Cheka. Making songs together became a hit for Baby Rasta and Gringo.

In 2007, Baby Rasta & Gringo reunite for the first time since their break up. And in 2008, Baby Rasta & Gringo release their newest CD 'The Comeback' and has received positive reviews since their return.

They separated in December, 2004 because of problems with their record producer, who Gringo says paid more attention to Baby Rasta alone, instead of to them both as a group. It has been alleged that they have an ongoing beef, with people alleging that Baby Rasta has dissed his former partner in live shows.

Baby Rasta has achieved success and fame, mostly due to his appearing on many artist's albums and landing a hit with his only Billboard Top 100 hit so far, Hay de Mí, with producer Noriega.He also appears in Somos de Calle (Remix) with Daddy Yankee, Arcangel & De La Ghetto, Guelo Star, MC Ceja, Voltio, Ñejo, Chyno Nyno, and Cosculluela

Gringo's solo album El Independiente was released in March 2007. Gringo also released "Reggaeton Con Navidad" on December 13, 2005. It featured Bebe, Machito, Klasico, and many others.

In 2006 Baby Rasta released his first solo album "La Última Risa", which due to poor promotion did not reach incredible heights in terms of sales. However, many underground fans, most who bootlegged the album, labeled it as the best reggaeton album of the year. Later in 2006, Baby Rasta released his single "Toma Nena". Gringo released his solo album "El Independiente" in 2007. Baby Rasta has a new record of his own called Illegal Life Records.

In late 2007, Baby Rasta & Gringo reunited in the Luny tunes mas flow concert, where Gringo declared that they really are "El Duo De Historia" a title that Wisin y Yandel have been calling themselves. This has ignited an old beef (tiraera) between the two duos. The tiraera which started back when Wisin y Yandel collaborated with Tito y Hector in a tiraera for Baby Rasta & Gringo in La Misión 2.

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