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"Este Soy Yo" Exceeds Expectations

November 07, 2012

TAGS : Berto El Original
"On going expectations" exclaimed Berto El Original (ex from Trebol Clan) when asked about what was the reaction and response of the public after his first solo album entitled "Este Soy Soy" went on sale on iTunes on Sept. 25.

For the artist, its like a dream come true to see his first album as a solo artist and see the great reception it has had in several countries through different websites.

The disc which features 10 songs quite varied, has attracted much attention because of its variety. It has pure reggaeton perreo tracks, tiraera and "Romantiqueo".

"I feel very happy, I never thought the public reception would be so big, and so fast. I am satisfied because I received several calls of support, and messages on facebook and twitter of my fans, they have not stopped telling me to get a disc out. They like the new style of Berto "The Original" as everyone was accustomed to hear chantear all the time."

The next promotional song of his album "Cosas Bonitas" was chosen for his next music video.