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Calle 13's New Single Encourages Fans To Be Naughty

September 23, 2010

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The reggaeton group Calle 13's new album, Entren Los Que Quieran, comes out in October. We're big Calle 13 fans, so we were salivating when "Calma Pueblo," the first cut from that album, came out.

The song itself, featuring guitar riffs from The Mars Volta and some very strong lyrics criticizing everyone from the government to the music industry, whetted our appetite for more. Thankfully, the Puerto Rican band has now released another song: "Vamo' A Portarnos Mal" (Let's Misbehave). It's an interesting mix of merengue and hip-hop — a different look for the band.

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Both new cuts are getting some criticism, and while I love "Calma Pueblo," I admit that lyrically, "Vamo' A Portarnos Mal" left me a bit underwhelmed. Lead rapper René Pérez, a.k.a. Residente is a brilliant lyricist who is effortlesslty raunchy and deep, political and pornographic, childish and wise. Which is why it's disappointing to hear him issue a kind of weak call to misbehave. Still, Calle 13 is an exciting band, and while this material might be less exhilarating, I'd hardly call it poor. Also, it's musically exciting, and has me thinking this fall might be the season of merengue/techno mashups (by Rita Indiana and Shakira, among others).