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Danny Fornaris

Nombre(s) : Daniel Fornaris Serrallés
Nacimiento : June 16, 1984
Lugar : Daniel Fornaris Serrallés

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Daniel Fornaris Serrallés, better known as Danny Fornaris, was born June 16, 1984 in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico. He made his first debut in Reggaeton with Julio Voltio hit song Mambo & Ahora vengo yo with John Eric. Produced the remix of Se me va la vida, from the production Campo Urbano of Raymond Castellón. During the summer of 2005, Danny produced at his studio Residente Calle 13 album which he shares the successful song of SE VALE TO TO, plus other songs too. Presently he's working in SBS (Spanish Broadcasting System), Reggaetón 94 (94.7 FM), where he's the official voice of the radio station. Danny has also produced the background sounds of TV Commercials in Puerto Rico for clients like Medalla Light, Ponderosa & Malta India. In 2006 Danny Fornaris worked with Don Omar, Zion, Tego Calderon, Alexis & Fido, El Tio, Glory, and others for their new upcoming release. 9. At the moment Danny is dedicating his time on his new project Fusssion Musik, his own record label together with Eduardo Fernandez and Vicente Saavedra.

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