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Farruko prepare his response to Kendo Kaponi

October 20, 2012

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After a successfull tour in the old continent which led among other places in France and Italy, Farruko has now returned to Puerto Rico.

During Farruko's absence, last saturday, Kendo Kaponi released his latest single, "Ten Cuidao", a Tiraera clearly directed to Farruko, saying that he is an ungratefull artist and that his success makes him even forgotten his roots.

The song as such has been successful, both in the lyrics of Kendo, as much as Gaby Music production. The fans received it well but are now anxious to hear Farruko's response.

We have now only a few hours to wait. Farruko is preparing its response and according to what he said yesterday on his twitter account, the answer will come tonight, Saturday October 20.

Reggaetonline.net will be ready and give you a download link for this response during "Sabado De Estrenos." Who will win the battle? Don't miss it, starting at 9hpm.