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Jowell & Randy back to their roots
November 17, 2012

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The reggaeton duo Jowell y Randy launched this week a video that bring us back to the beginnings of latin urban music and reggaeton.

This is the video clip A Guayar To To, which is part of the compilation album A Lo Under which brings the best examples of these old school rhythms.

The project was led by Nico Canada and Elias de Leon of White Lion, who both were, almost 20 years ago, part founders of Reggaeton.

"People are hungry for these rhythms, this style of music. Many complain that Reggaeton has lost its essence.
So we made this project" said Jowell.

"This is what people want and its our role to please" Randy added. The video has been very well received, earning over 100 thousand visitors in its first three days on their Youtube channel.
The duo added that this is just a taste of what's coming in 2013, year in which they plan to launch another underground project entitled Pre-Doxis
followed by two projects; one with Daddy Yankee titled "Doxis Edition" and their new album, the highly anticipated Sobredoxis in the middle of next year.