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Back To Reggaeton Roots with King Daddy

October 29, 2013

TAGS : Daddy Yankee
Daddy Yankee's new album is hitting the digital market... and already making some noise!

Yesterday, Yankee, whose real name is Ramón Ayala, offered a glimpse of his return to the roots of reggaeton in his new album El Imperio Nazza: King Daddy Edition.

“It’s an album with a mystic touch, a powerful disc for all fans who love reggaeton,” the singer said during a panel with members of the Grammy community. He described the latest album as a “pure, raw” work influenced by his early career but with a modern touch given by producers Musicologo and Menes, known in the industry as Los De La Nazza.

The first single of the album “La Nueva y la Ex” hit the Internet earlier this month, getting already more than a million views in Youtube. Yankee hopes that the success of the first single translates into sales for the album, which will only be available in digital format.