Lisa M

Nombre(s) : Marilisa Marrero Vázquez
Nacimiento : January 16, 1974
Lugar : Puerta de Tierra - San Juan, Puerto Rico
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Around the mid 70s Lisa M, was born in Puerta de Tierra in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Her humility and commitment to people made her a sincere, dedicated, passionate, and exemplary human being within her community. She started to work at a very young age to better her self and help those around her. Lisa Ms passion for music and dancing drove her to start her career and find a place within the industry. She began to train through sports and dance such as Street Jazz, Hip Hop, and Breakdancing.

At age 11 she started writing songs. At age 14 she began getting exposure by wining numerous dance contests throughout Puerto Rico and the U.S. Lisa Ms talent was immediately noticed by Hip Hop pioneer, Vico C, who then hired her to be his choreographer and dancer. At 14, Lisa M also initiated her career as a rapper. She recorded her debut album Trampa (Trap) with Prime Records in Puerto Rico, home to some of the founders of the genre such as DJ Negro and Playero. Hits from this album including Trampa (Trap) and La Segunda Cita (The Second Encounter) put Lisa M on the map as the first Latin female rapper. She became an overnight success and became solicited to perform at top rated events. Sales for the album exceeded expectations and few weeks after its release it went GOLD. This made Lisa M the highest paid rapper in Puerto Rico, the U.S. and Latin America of this genre.

In 1990 Lisa M releases her second album, No Lo Derrumbes, produced by her and Vico C and it included the hits No Lo Derrumbes, Tu Pum-Pum y Menealo. The album went PLATINUM with sales exceeding 100,000 copies in Puerto Rico alone! 1991 was a year full of changes in Lisa Ms career. she signs a recording deal with SONY DISCOS. This made Lisa M an international star and was crowned the official QUEEN OF SPANISH RAP. Her third album Flavor of the Latin included international hits such as Tiempo de Amar (Time to love), Everybody Dancing Now, and Flavor of the Latin earning Lisa M yet another PLATINUM plaque. This opened the door for her to perform throughout Latin and South America, the Caribbean, and the U.S. and share the limelight with icons such as Celia Cruz, Tito Puente,Ricky Martin,Mark Anthony, José José, Ricardo Montaner, Selena among others,in the U.S she peform with Public Enemy,Queen Latifah,Salt n Pepa,LL cool J,RUM DMC,among others. Lisa M then continues to adds to her list of accomplishments with the release of her fourth album Ahora vengo Alborotá (Now Im here wild). A national tour followed the release of the album that took Lisa M to stages in Canada and others throughout the U.S. (Miami, New York, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Houston, Las Vegas, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Boston) and Latin America.

In 1996 Lisa M, released Soy Atrevida (Im daring) and later her 6th album Sobreviví (I Survived) classifying her as La Suprema (The Supreme) within the genre. In 2001 she released her very own calendar and became a host for Telemundos TV show JAMZ, which obtained high ratings and brought Reggaeton and latin urban recognition on an international level.

While filming one of the shows for Jamz, Elías De León, C.E.O. and A&R for renowned White Lion Records, approached Lisa M and offered her a recording deal.

On June 13th 2006 Lisa M will release her latest work, RESPECT, which includes the first single Hey Ladies, Fuego (Fire), Encendido (Turned On) featuring Voltio and Quítate (Move) featuring Tego Calderon & Moncho Rivera. There are also collaborations with Reggaeton artists Huracán G, La Bruja K-Mille and MissWaidy, along with the most recognized Reggaeton and Hip-Hop producers, Urba y Monserrate, Nesty, Bones, Taino and La Suprema herself! This is yet another breakthrough from the female pioneer of this genre Respect!

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