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  • 1. Energia REMIX - Alexis & Fido ft. Wisin & Yandel
  • 2.Quiere Que Le Muestren - Tito El Bambino ft. Voltio, Ñengo Flow
  • 3. Romper La Discoteca - De La Ghetto


J Alvarez - Otro Nivel De Musica
Otro Nivel De Musica
Artist: J Alvarez
Release: September 2011


Bhangraton Brings the Best of Two Worlds Together

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By Quinee Butler, Reggaetonline.net

April 26, 2006

The Rishi Rich Project is made up of Jay Sean, UK R&B artists, producer Mentor, and Bhangra and Hip-hop and Rap artists Juggy D and of course Rishi Rich. All of these men were born and raised in London, England, but their hold fast to their Indian culture, language and music.

“Rishi Rich was doing an album and a friend of mine that knew him and we met up and did a track. He came across Juggy D in the same kind of scenario,” recalls Jay Sean. No matter where you are in the world many musicians, vocalist and rappers have the same kind of story and share the desire to persevere in the music industry. Each member of the Rishi Rich project has made recent contributions to the transformation and development of Indian music worldwide. Now, with an open invitation for collaboration with Reggaeton’s own Luny Tunes, Rishi Rich and his crew hope to help to create a music that helps assure critiques that Reggaeton and Bhangra are here to stay.

“Bhangra is a form of club music. To Indian people, its kind of what Reggaeton is to the Latino community right now,” says Jay Sean as he tries to describe the music he loves in a way that people will understand. “It comes from India and it is mainly associated with an area in India called Punjab where Punjabi music comes from. This style of music is huge among the Indian community around the world.”

There are many different dialects of languages in India but Bhangra happens to be the one that has crossed over successfully. Rishi Rich, Mentor, Juggy D, and Jay Sean have had many songs that successfully heated up the music charts in the United Kingdom. Many artists are now finding a new cross cultural success when they present an audience with a bilingual product. In this case it happens to be English R&B vocals of Jay Sean and Bhangra rap lyrics of Juggy-D laid over tracks Produces by Mentor and Rishi.

It was not long before the CEO of Mas Flow Inc. put out a call to Rishi for a potential collaboration. “Since Luny Tunes has a strong-hold on the Latino audience and we have the Asian audience on lock, it just made sense for use to come together,” stated Jay Sean in a recent interview with Reggaetonline.net at Mas Flow Studios.

While in Puerto Rico, Rishi and Mentor worked on producing tracks with help from members of the Mas Flow Family. They also shot a video on one of Puerto Rico’s beautiful beaches. Jay Sean and Juggy could be seen diligently concentrating the lyrics and vocals to be laid on the tracks. Every Since Deevani’s collaboration with Daddy Yankee on “Mirame”, fans have contemplated on what Luny Tunes would bring next. The sound is amazing and it will be interesting to see the reaction of Reggaeton fans worldwide to this new sound.