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Luny Tunes

Real name(s) : Francisco Saldaña (Luny) and Victor Cabrera (Tunes)
Birth place : Dominican Republic
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Three years ago, Francisco Saldana and Victor Cabrera worked at Harvard University, (Luny) as a chef and (Tunes) as a dishwasher. Meanwhile, they were both dreaming of making music. Now a day, this duet has turned into the most successful music producers of the reggaeton genre, known as LunyTunes. They have not only realized their dream of making music, but they also became successful entrepreneurs.

Francisco Saldana, (Luny) is the youngest of three children with two sisters. He was born in the Dominican Republic on June 23, 1979. His parents are Dominican as well. Left his native land to live his teenage years alongside his mother and sisters. Residing in Puerto Rico Luny grew up listening underground Puerto Rican rap. Then moved to Peabody MA, to finish high school where he met Tunes, and then to Harvard University to work as a chef, inviting Tunes to work with him as a dishwasher. Luny was still dreaming of making music, alongside Tunes. They got an invitation to do so back in Puerto Rico and he brought Tunes along with him, leaving the stability of Harvard University behind, never looking back.

Victor Cabrera, (Tunes) was also born in the Dominican Republic. On April 12, 1981. Decided to come to Puerto Rico for the first time, and with his heart on his hand hoping to reach his goals. Tunes is the master of the melodies and complements with Luny to create new ideas and projects. The first exponent of the genre that worked with the dynamic duo was Ivy Queen; the most recent one was Daddy Yankee, with Barrio Fino. The innovative sound of LunyTunes has by now been utilized by great artists such as Baby Rasta y Gringo, Hector & Tito, Tego Calderon, Don Omar, Wisin & Yandell, Victor Manuel, Angel Lopez, Angel & Chriz, and many more.

During their careers LunyTunes have received many acknowledgements and awards; it was not until 2004 that their career took a turn, when they won two of the internationally recognized “Billboard Latin Music Awards”, one for Best Duo, and the other one for Best Tropical Album of the Year, Mas Flow. LunyTunes were also the winners of the people’s Choice Reggaeton Awards, for Best Producers of the Year, and platinum and gold awards with their album “La Trayectoria de LunyTunes” and many others.

Luny & Tunes have been regarded as the Best Reggaeton Producers, in a worldwide scale. They are also founders of the record label
“Mas Flow Inc”. Where they give opportunities to youngsters with talent.

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