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Megaton 2005 Presents The Biggest Reggaeton Concert :Featuring Tego Calderon, Don Omar, Ivy Queen Plus Other Hot Artists

New York
November 08, 2005

Celebrate Reggaeton like never before at the best gathering ever of innovative and legendary musicians. Heritage, pride, great music and sabor Latino will take precedence in this unique event on Friday November 24, at 8pm at Madison Square Garden, 33rd St and 7th Ave.

Mega 97.9 FM will feature Reggaeton sensations Tego Calderon and Don Omar, reinvented legend Hector “El Father”, female legend Ivy Queen, Reggaeton duet Wisin y Yandel, Angel y Khriz, and Alexis y Fido, Reggaeton hot group Noztra and John Eric will blast beats and express their lyrics to reveal a Reggaeton phenomenal gathering ever to be witnessed at this great theatre.

Calderon, in this exclusive concert engagement, and Don Omar represent the best of Puerto Rican Reggaeton music genres in an international level. They tour constantly across Europe, South America, The United States, Mexico and many other places. Calderon boosted Reggaeton’s rebirth among the younger generations with hits like Guasa guasa, Al natural, and Abayarde. Their music is composed of rap and reggae beats, hip-hop influence, bachata fusions, and salsa tradition, ultimately honoring their Puerto Rican pride as usual.

Singing sensation since the very beginning of Reggaeton is the Queen of the genre, Ivy Queen who represents the best and strongest of female lyricists for all Reggaeton audiences. Her savvy talent is portrayed as usual thanks to her New York upbringing. Angel Caido, Dile and Pa la Cama Voy are some of the songs emphasized with women’s heartache and experiences that teach strength and survival in a male driven culture. Known as “La Caballota” (‘The alpha-female horse’), audiences must never forget her magnificent talent that is stronger than ever in the Reggaeton phenomenon, as the pioneer she is.

Another legendary artist responsible for opening doors to Reggaeton’s fame is Hector “El Father.” This performer, producer and entrepreneur has broken record and concert sales in Puerto Rico since the mid-90’s as a duet with Tito, better known as Hector y Tito. He is responsible for the creation of hits like Noche de Travesuras and Los Rompe Discotecas, heard in his albums, and producing for artists like Don Omar. After being together for 12 years, the duet decided to go their separate ways, and Hector “El Bambino” is reinventing his solo career in the United States under a new stage name. He has also joined forces with Island Def Jam Records president and former hip-hop artist Jay-Z to represent his clothing line Roc-A-Wear, and produce a new record.

Wisin y Yandel have established themselves internationally under the Reggaeton flag with great enthusiasm and force. Born in Cayey, Puerto Rico, Yandel (25) and Wisin (23) made history in 1998 with their production No Fear 3 alongside DJ Dicky for Fresh Productions. That year they sold more than 50,000 records. Their fan support was so amazing; they got their first record in 2000 called Los Reyes del Nuevo Milenio. Under the reggeaton music sensation impact in the US, Wisin y Yandel perform constantly to please fans with a whole new sound.

Last, but definitely not least, are a variety of artists ready to explode the Reggaeton phenomenon and take it to a higher level. Angel y Khriz, Alexis y Fido, Noztra, and John Eric are sharing a stage with some of the most recognized Reggaeton artist for a reason. Their work is innovative, refreshing, and dynamic! This completes the circle of what is to be the biggest Reggaeton concert in the world.