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  1.  Los Kardenales
  2.  Nicky Jam
  3.  Daddy Yankee
  4.  Don Omar
  5.  Luny Tunes
  6.  J Balvin
  7.  Mueka
  8.  Maluma
  9.  Ozuna
  10.  Cosculluela
  11.  Gente De Zona
  12.  Alexis y Fido
  13.  Bad Bunny
  14.  Zion Y Lennox
  15.  Lui-G 21+
  16.  Wisin y Yandel
  17.  Saga WhiteBlack
  18.  CNCO
  19.  Plan B
  20.  Tito El Bambino
  21.  Andino
  22.  Osmani Garcia
  23.  Flex (Nigga)
  24.  Anuel AA
  25.  Farruko



  1. La Rompe Carros Daddy Yankee
  2. Ella Es Como Es Gotay El Autentiko
  3. Noche De Entierro Daddy Yankee, Wisin y Yandel, Zion, Héctor
  4. Mayor Que Yo Baby Ranks, Daddy Yankee, Tonny Tun Tun, Wisin, Yandel, Hector
  5. La Nueva & La Ex Daddy Yankee
  6. Dime Baby Jory Boy
  7. Algo Me Gusta De Ti Wisin & Yandel ft. Chris Brown, T-Pain
  8. Me Prefieres A Mi REMIX Arcangel ft. Don Omar
  9. Pienso En Ti J King & Maximan ft. Alexis & Fido
  10. Dale, Don, Dale (Remix) Don Omar (f. Fabolous)
  11. Cunado Estoy Contigo REMIX Gotay El Autentiko ft Baby Rasta & Gringo
  12. Señal De Vida Ñejo & Dalmata
  13. Bellakiar Baby Rasta & Gringo ft Jowell & Randy, Guelo Star & De La Ghetto
  14. Te Cambiamos El Juego (Intro) J Alvarez
  15. Prometo Olvidarte Tony Dize
  16. Rastrillea REMIX Jowell Y Randy Ft J-King, Maximan, Guelo Star
  17. Llevo Tras De Ti Daddy Yankee ft. Plan B
  18. Mujeriego Galante ft. Farruko
  19. 6 AM J Balvin
  20. Hace Mucho Tiempo Arcangel

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About the Lyrics in Reggaeton

Reggaeton lyrics have always been a topic of debate. When Reggaeton was considered “underground”, its lyrics depicted a bad image to women and influenced the use of drugs and sex. Many people considered the genre of bad taste. Reggaeton was headed in a direction of being banned in Puerto Rico. As the 1990s came to an end, Reggaeton took a swift turn for the better. As new reggaeton artists came along, they began to “clean” up the lyrics to ensure reggaeton would be played on the radio. With reggaeton on the rise, it was played in more clubs and various radio stations and rapidly grew in popularity. The way artists express themselves has been taken to another level because they have realized that what they say in their lyrics, is how the public will perceive them.

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La Tiraera (or tiradera)

Like in any other music genres, there is heavy competition among reggaeton artists to stay on top. They compete indirectly by making better song and selling albums and directly by challenging fellow artist to lyrical wars. This type of battle of wit and words are referred to as "tiraera." Tirar, in some countries, means to diss or talk bad about others. Whether it is used to gain respect or fame, boost sales or to implement artist stature, Tiraera has been a vital component of reggaeton. While some are against it, it will continue to exist because it is a way of expressing desire to stay on top at all costs.

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