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Julio Voltio and Residente (Calle 13) Denounce Police brutality with Two New Songs

August 22, 2007

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Julio Ramos, “Voltio,” and René Pérez, or “Residente” from the Calle 13 duo, are clear on one thing: in a civilized society, there is no room for police brutality.

Due to the tragic incident of police brutality that took place in the artists’ homeland, Puerto Rico, last week, the two urban Latino music stars have channeled their creative energies to denounce the death of an unarmed citizen, Miguel A. Cáceres Cruz, who was shot by police officer Javier Pagán Cruz.

Both artists have had their share of bad moments with police agents: Voltio, several times as a victim, and René through the death of a friend.

Voltio found inspiration in his own experiences to write the song “En Lo Claro,” from the album of the same name scheduled for release on October 9. The song has already been released through the Internet. René, meanwhile, has recorded a song, “Tributo a la Policía,” which he handed out free in CD format to 2,000 people earlier this week.

“Changing the world is not easy, and I don’t think one person alone can do much in this situation, unless police officers unite against these crimes,” says Voltio, author of “En Lo Claro.” The song recognizes the fact that [Puerto Rico police superintendent] Pedro Toledo is trying to clean up the streets but, how can he do that when he first has to clean up his own department? This has not been the only case of police brutality on the island. People, enough is enough.”

In 2005, after performing at a café in the Puerto Rican city of Mayagüez, Voltio and six colleagues were detained for allegedly carrying and selling illicit substances. The 29-year-old singer/songwriter and family man, and two friends, were taken to police headquarters, and then to court in a case that Voltio states was a complete fabrication. The artist later sued the police officer who arrested him.

“Not all police officers have this rage and are quick to draw the gun,” Voltio admits, “but this is too much. Everybody knows who Voltio is, and those who know me, know that I never look for trouble. I am a guy with a clear conscience, and if someone wants to harm me, God will take care of him.”

The song “En Lo Claro,” available on Julio Voltio’s MySpace page, has already been clicked on by more than 2,500 people since its release yesterday.

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